Don’t Be Kept In The Dark!

Light up your marketing with our Sales Software.

What Is It?

Having a well-balanced online marketing strategy is crucial to success. But, what then? Make sure your sky-high SEO rankings are translating into revenue. Our reporting software can help you track your sales!

You Can Track Success!

With our proprietary software, you will see comprehensive details on the progress of your sales including:

  • Origin of sale
  • Web and phone leads by month
  • Detailed lead information

Know where your sales are coming from. Nurture them through the pipeline. It all boils down to the sale.

The Benefits:

Some of the features and benefits of our Sales Software include:

  • Track phone and web leads by month
  • Track individual leads by name, phone #, and website
  • Empower yourself; track the lead source and plan your marketing
  • budget with greater knowledge
  • Follow and nurture your leads through the pipeline.

Some Of Our Happy Clients: