Our Advantage:

It’s a well-known fact that a company’s profitability will increase with the right type of exposure. After all, good exposure puts your company in front of the world. But here’s the problem… 

Most business owners don’t think they’ve done anything worthy of a news release.

Here’s a list of newsworthy topics your company may have accomplished, but might have missed:

  • Introduced a new product or service
  • Hired a New Employee
  • Celebrated an anniversary
  • Published an article, blog post or podcast episode
  • Participated in a charity event
  • Introduced a unique strategy/approach
  • Published a free report, white paper or video training
  • Reached a major milestone
  • Acquired a new client
  • Formed a partnership or joint venture agreement with another company
  • Had A Good Customer Interaction or Testimonial

After reading that list, did you find some newsworthy events you may have missed in the last few months?


Some Features:

Here are just some of the bonuses that come with our releases:

  • Talented, US-based writing professionals to craft your stories
  • Distribution to hundreds of prestigious news outlets: local ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX TV stations, Yahoo!, and even papers like the Boston Globe, Miami Herald and more
  • Personalized writing instructions so you’ll get the exact, detailed stories you want
  • Fast, client-friendly reports of every news outlet that publishes your stories (fantastic for showing clients)
  • Powerful SEO promotion that ranks the releases in Google (no one else comes close to providing this!)
  • Access to their private “reverse research” keyword spy tool, in development for 5 years.

We distribute  our Press Releases to real TV stations, like ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS … in addition to hundreds more. We use software that was developed by a world-class team of developers, which means that they are constantly adding in awesome new features.

In the last 60 days did you publish a news release about…

  • That you’re available to speak on particular subjects of interest
  • Having an opinion on a recent local, regional national or international news story
  • Issuing a statement of position regarding a trending issue in your market/industry and how your solution can help
  • Predicting future business trends or conditions in your market

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